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A product of the 80’s San Francisco dance music boom, DJ/Producer Doc Martin has been creating innovative, high-energy electronic music for nearly three decades. Once a mainstay on the Pacific Northwest scene, he has gone on to perform everywhere from Ibiza to Tokyo, London and beyond creating an enduring body of work in the process. Now, as he enters a new phase of his career, Doc shows no signs of slowing down. He continues to evolve, revealing new sides of his artistry as he releases the most compelling music of his career. 


Doc Martin’s choice to pursue a career in music was an obvious one, given the musical family he grew up in. Most notably, his mother sang with Bay Area icons Jefferson Starship. Doc, however, was more interested in absorbing the various electronic subcultures that were emerging around the country. Endless hours spent in SF’s indie record stores armed him with an expertise in everything from acid house to techno, as he developed the genre bending style that would come to define his career. 

Within a few years of his first performance, Doc was selling out shows across his hometown and began setting his sights on bigger things. In the early 90’s, he relocated to Los Angeles, where he quickly integrated himself into the city’s thriving rave scene. Not long after, his profile had risen enough for him to be invited to Europe to play at some of the continent’s most iconic clubs and parties, including Fabric (Residency), Circoloco, The Rex, Panorama Bar and Sunwaves to name a few. In the ensuing decades, he became a favorite amongst audiences from New York to London performing regularly at clubs including Output, Coachella, The Roxy, Twilo, City Fox, Space,Desert Hearts, Movement, Tek Support, and Lightning in a Bottle.


After three decades of bringing people together with music, Doc's passion and drive remain as strong as ever. He maintains a steady schedule of performances across the globe while continuing to release new tracks regularly. As the rare artist to achieve the status of elder-statesman, he has left a lasting legacy in electronic music, a legacy which he continues to add to every day.

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